Memories to Remember

One way to store memories and remember them always is by taking a picture. Taking pictures is way for a person to store and remember a moment that happen in one’s life may it be happy, sad, angry or other emotions that one can feel. Every emotion can be captured thru a picture.

Camera has evolved as the technology gets more hi-tech. Before you might laugh on how they take a picture. The cameras before are so big unlike today. Today there are different cameras that you can choose. There is the compact camera, bridge camera, compact system camera and dslr or digital single lens reflex. In choosing a camera it will depend on what you want and also with your budget. But if your hobby is photography I suggest you need to invest with your camera. It is expensive but still the satisfaction you will get in every photo you snap will give you different satisfaction with in you or maybe you can make money with this.

Films or negative are needed to make a copy or reproduce more picture. And now other way to store photos aside from using films or negative is by using memory card. With memory car more photos can be stored depending on the capacity of the memory card. Aside from the usual camera not even using your mobile phone can be a tool in taking photo.

Sharing is much easier to do today especially if you want your friends or relative from a far to see it. If before you store your photo in a photo album not photos can be post to different social media sites that other can see immediately.