The camera for you

Are you one of those who love taking photos and sometimes it feels like it is already like a hobby for you? Taking beautiful photos of a person, places, event or scenery to be kept stored not only in your mind but also forever to be remember.

If you are into taking photos or want to make it a hobby let start in getting to know what type of camera are there that you can used or that is suitable for you. Let us start to get to know what these cameras are.

First let start with compact camera, this is the basic and cheapest that a camera you can buy. This has a slim body and the lens are fixed. Here the quality of the image is limited.

Next the bridge camera, this is larger than the compact camera. Still the lens are fixed but there focal range is more bigger that some features are up to 60x optical zoom and sometimes called superzooms.

Another is the CSC or compact system camera, the lens of this camera can be interchange from different sizes of range and same goes also with the sensors. It also provide good quality image.

And DSLR or Digital single Lens Reflex is the largest among the camera and they have mirror system. This produce excellent quality image, it has optical viewfinder and large choices of lenses available. And this type of camera is expensive but it is worthy. Choose from this different type of camera that you think that suits you.